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This blog is a new idea and addition to the website. The hope is that we can keep visitors updated on the things going on with the fraternity and its members by utilization of this blog. Currently, the website is quite static, and we want to see more happening with it and this is one way we can do so.

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Spring 2012

Posted by Walker Mask on July 1, 2012 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everybody,

     Another semester is done and gone but it was a good one for Kappa.  We continue to clean our adopted E street and also collaborated with Pi Beta Phi and Lambda Chi Alpha for the charity event Pi a Professor. 

     Kappa Theta Psi is also proud to announce we placed second in Greek Week behind KKG.  In addition to second place overall, Kappa members nearly swept the awards.  Kirk Ford won Greek God.  Dustin Peters won Man of the Year.  Andres Calvopina won Junior of the year.  Gabe Hernandez won President of the Year.

     However, the big accomplishment would have to be hosting our first formal in years.  It really felt great to continue that tradition and have it go so well for the first startup.  We look forward to continueing that tradition and bring back some other old ones.

     We also initiated 3 pledges into full membership this Spring.  Congrats to Robert Trimble, Jamie Ethington, and Andres Calvopina.

     With that the year is done and next year is looking better than ever as we take back our old house.  Much renovation will be done to hold it to our standard, so I'm sure work week will actually hold up to its name this year.  Letters should be installed during the late Summer and the outside sign should be complted this Summer as well.

     I look forward to seeing many of you on Founder's Day and the Diamond should be posted around that time as well.

-Luke Kirchner

Master of Archives


Jan / Feb

Posted by Walker Mask on March 16, 2012 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)

      Hello brothers.  It's that time again. We have been back on campus for a couple of months now.  The last few months have certainly had their ups and downs.  We lost a couple of members but also gained a couple new ones.  We received our new Kappa flag and it looks classy.  We have decided to get front-lit letters for our house and are still deciding on where to get our porch sign.  Unfortunately, we did not win the grade cup but are still working hard for the current semester.

     Kappa held a clothes drive to donate clothes to Ghana in Africa.  The Simpson community really responded as we were able to collect over 580 lbs of clothing.  It was a great success and Kappa was featured in the Simpsonian for the clothes drive and for the news of moving back into Worth. Our next charity event is our second annual 3v3 basketball tournament for charity.

     The last big event that happened was the All-Greek Formal.  The theme was Hawaiian so it really became informal.  This marked the first year of the All-Greek Formal and it had a great turnout.  It was good to see Greeks from all chapters being able to get along and have fun.  Hopefully this new tradition will continue.

     Some of you may have heard directly from us as we held a phone-a-thon to help update our alumni information.  We will soon have a little get together in the form of bowling.  Hope to see you there! 

-Luke Kirchner

Master of Archives

Fall 2011

Posted by Walker Mask on December 11, 2011 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone,

                I would like to update everyone on our Fall 2011 semester.  We started off the year with work week.  This year we claimed the full house plus the basement of 701 North E Street (Kappa North).  We were able to successfully clean the house and the exterior.  Kirk did an awesome job painting the cabinets over the summer.  New carpet and molding was put in the basement.  Some much needed repairs were made to cable boxes, outlets, and the garbage disposal.  Then it was time to move in the Freshmen to their new homes for campus move-in day. 

                RUSH was held in September and I am happy to announce we got three great new members.  Shortly after, we got three more of our friends to join informally.  In October, Kappa went paintballing in Des Moines for its Fall Party. Kappa was then told that the college wanted Kappa back in Worth (our old house on Fraternity Row).  We met with representatives of the college to discuss the changes we would like implemented when we move back next year.

                 After all of the pledges became full members, we held our elections in late November.  As a result, Gabe is our new Grand Master.  Congratulations to all members who received a position and a thanks to all members who previously held a position.  In early December, we finished serenading all of the sororities with our hit new single.  To finish out the year, we are all studying for finals and discussing ideas for worth.  We have decided on a flag design and are currently deciding on letters to put on the house. 

Well I hope that catches everybody up on what has happened so far this year. 

Luke Kirchner

Master of Archives

Greek Week!

Posted by Walker Mask on April 11, 2011 at 12:17 AM Comments comments (1)

Hello all!

So, we just finished Greek Week, which took place April 4th through the seventh and our theme was Greekalodeon (which I still stand strong in the fact that it should have been spelled Greekelodeon, but that's besides the point). As always, it was tons of fun and it was a great bonding experience. To kick-off the week, the IFC Co-VPs of recruitment, who are Dustin Mcnulty from Lambda Chi Alpha and Nick Smith from our fraternity, put on an all Greek Grill-out outside of the BSC. It was a very successful event and much of the Greek community came. On Monday, our banner was due, and I will be adding photos of that soon. We worked on it the Saturday night that prior weekend and a few of us were up until 5:00 am. We also had the All-Greek Photo that day. We ended up placing third with that, which was very exciting for us.

                  On Tuesday we had the scavenger hunt and jeopardy while paired with Delta Delta Delta in which we placed third for both events. For the scavenger hunt, Devin Sietstra, Kirk Ford, Luke Kirchner, Dustin Peters, and I represented our fraternity while Douglas Cole and Matt Paladino represented us in Jeopardy.

                  Wednesday consisted of Dodgeball and the speaker for Greek Week. For dodgeball, we were paired with Lambda Chi Alpha and Pi Beta Phi, which we placed third in and Chris Schuberg and Jordan Vorrie represented us. The Speaker for Greek Week was very inspirational and has led us to have more goal setting and pursue even stronger a better image for ourselves and the Greek Community as a whole. I'll talk a little bit more about his speech towards the end of this blog.

                  On Thursday, we had the Greek Olympics and Lip Sync in which we were paired with Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Kappa Gamma. It rained that day, so the olympics had to be moved inside. We placed third overall for that and many of us participated in the various activities. For the lip sync, Chris Schuberg, Mike Henry, Luke Kirchner, Jay Villalobos, Douglas Cole, and Nick Smith danced with the ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma. It was a great time and tons of fun getting to know them throughout the week while practicing. We placed third, but we all still loved our experience and the video will be uploaded soon. We had the privilege of dancing with Amanda Ambrose, Autumn Girres, Natalie Erhardt, Bethany Christenson, Macy Koch, and Rachel Mooty. We also were stationed at Penny Wars on Thursday, which raised almost $900 to the philanthropy of the winners choice, which was Cystic Fibrosis by Lambda Chi Alpha. Following the Lip Sync we had Greek Week awards and Dustin Peters received the award of Service-Minded Greek of the Year. While we did not place this Greek Week, we had tons of fun participating and getting to know others from the other Greek chapters. I can honestly say our Greek Community benefited significantly from this Greek Week.

                 The speaker spoke strongly to us about we as individual chapters will compete with each other, but as a community, we still need to support each other. Within our chapters, we are Brothers or Sisters, and that essentially makes us cousins to each other within our community. Anyone who was around this weekend could easily see that most of us took this to heart, especially within the fraternities. This past weekend, I spent time at every fraternity house, hanging out and getting to know their guys. It was a huge Greek mix at every house and this was very encouraging to see. These events will undoubtedly continue, and this will be great for our community. The more we can act as a whole, the more we can get done and more appealing we can be to those that come to Simpson College. As a Co-VP of recruitment with IFC, this will be helpful as we move into recruitment next fall. So all-in-all, our overall numerical placement in Greek Week wasn't great, but the experience and bonding we had with the rest of the Greek Community and within our chapter far surpasses any first-place trophy.

The First One

Posted by Walker Mask on March 11, 2011 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi All!

              Here's the Kick-off to the new Kappa Theta Psi Blog, named the Kappa Kronicle because as is outlined in the duties of the Master of Archives, he is to produce a Kappa Kronicle and instead of emailing and mailing out a publication, I thought this would be a much more efficient way of letting people know how the house is doing. We got some pretty great responses from the letters we sent out to alumni. It was very encouraging for us as a house to see the support that we still have from our Brothers. Learning more about the history of Kappa is very exciting for me and many of the other Brothers in the house. A couple of us went to Dunn Library to look at the Archives there to see what they had regarding Kappa, and it was amazing. They had diamonds dating back to 1910, pictures of the old house on Ashland, old copies of the Constitution, and so much more that has been lost from our personal archives. It was definitely an exciting thing to see.

              Other exciting things that have happened recently was gaining two new pledges, Alex Hook and Nathan Schwery. At this point last year, we were at 8 people part of Kappa Theta Psi, and now, we are at 16 even with three leaving in December. Our progress and momentum has been amazing and we don't have anyone graduating at the end of this year. We got lucky and recruited some great guys this year and those of us graduating next year have full faith in them to carry on the legacy of Kappa Theta Psi. We have fostered a great passion for this fraternity and its return to greatness. However, our goal isn't just to have great numbers because numbers doesn't make a brotherhood, it is the personality of the men within it.

               Our involvement within the Greek Community, Simpson College, and the Des Moines and Indianola Communities has increased greatly in the last year. Our Grand Master, Devin Sietstra, is also the IFC president, and Nick Smith, the Master of Archives, is also one of the Vice Presidents of Recruitment in IFC. We placed third in Greek Week last year and have even higher hopes for this year. Our members are involved in a variety of campus activities and our involvement in intramurals has been great, even though we haven't actually won any, but we play to have fun, not to win. We helped the South Suburban YMCA build a playground and we teamed up with Lambda Chi Alpha to put on a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for the United Way of Central Iowa, both of these stories can be found on the details page under philanthropy. We have a lot more philanthropy events in the works and are also planning other events to once again have our name known on campus.

               Many might be wondering our current housing situation. Well, you are kind of in the same boat we are. We think we will be getting the entire current house we are in, 901 N E St, and also a section of the house on the corner, giving us a total of 24 spaces, which would give room for about 9 recruits for next year to move in. Now this isn't set in stone as we know circumstances might come up in which they have to move some students into the other house, but we are hoping we can get the extra space as it was difficult during formal recruitment to show half a house and tell everyone they couldn't move in even if they wanted to. Regardless, we will be in a much better situation than last year and I know we are going to have a great recruitment year.

Well, that's probably enough for now. Feel free to leave any comments.

Nick Smith

Master of Archives

Letter to Alumni

Posted by Walker Mask on February 11, 2011 at 3:37 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Kappa Theta Psi Alumnus,

            Hello sir, my name is Nick Smith and I am the current Master of Archives and the fraternity has some things we would like to share with you and also ask your input on. First off, I would like you to know that the Kappa Theta Psi Fraternity is doing well. We are currently at fourteen members after seeing two members graduate in December and one transfer to another college. We are very excited and confident that we will continue to grow to the numbers we had inthe past. We are also currently looking at the prospect of moving back into the Kappa house on fraternity row but are unsure if this goal will be realized in 2011 or if it will have to wait until 2012. We will also be starting upproduction of The Diamond again next year, which is where the thought of this letter originated along with the creation of a Kappa website. In regards to The Diamond, we were wondering if sending it by email would be acceptable as it would be much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. We would like your input on this matter and an updated email address and any other information you would like us to have. Our website, kappathetapsi.webs.com, is something we would also like your input on. We have a part of the site in which you can become a member and we encourage you to do so. By doing that, you will have access to everything on the site itself and also the meeting minutes of each week and The Diamond when it is published. We have also recently created an alumni page in which we will post by class year names of people involved in the fraternity and a short bio and picture if you would like to send one to us. The website also shows our philanthropy, calendar of events, info on current members, history, and photos. These and a few other things will also be outlined in The Diamond when it is produced next fall. If you would like to respond through email, you can email me at [email protected] Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.


                                                                                                                        Your Kappa Brothers