Kappa Theta Psi

Colors and Other Symbols


           The official colors of Kappa Theta Psi are Old Gold and Black.


           The flower of Kappa Theta Psi is the American Beauty Rose.

Other Symbols

            Kappa also uses the Lamp and Scimitar as fraternal symbols.

We are Local

Kappa Theta Psi is a local fraternity. What does this mean? It means that we only exist on the campus of Simpson College. Also, this allows us to run our fraternity the way the current members want to with the guidance of the alumni. We have no national rules, which means some of the things that other fraternities must do, we do not. This also allows us to have low dues. Because of our local status, we do not have a required number of active members. Therefore, Kappa Theta Psi can be more particular on who we ask to join our fraternal society.


Kappa Theta Psi has helped many causes through the years. Currently, our philanthropy is working with the World Wildlife Foundation. We also do service opportunities in the area. Recently, we helped build a playground at the Des Moines South Suburban YMCA.  We also hold an annual basketball tournament for the United Way with Lambda Chi Alpha.  In 2010, Kappa Theta Psi adopted "E" Street and cleans the street at least once every month.  Aside from our group activities, all of our members participate in activities of service.

South Suburban YMCA build

3-on-3 basketball tournament

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the financial obligation to join?

A: Our house has monthly dues of $40 for seven months out of the year. We have no pledging fees, summer dues, or any other hidden fees. We are the most affordable house on campus and all of our money from dues stays within the house for our programming.


Q: What is the time commitment to be a part of the fraternity?

A: There is a time commitment involved with joining the fraternity. We expect all members to be at every meeting and most of the events that we hold throughout the year. Members must also do things for their respective offices within the house. However, all of our members are involved in other campus groups and activities and many hold executive positions within these other groups. Many members also have work study jobs as well.


Q: Do I have to move in to the house if I join?

A: Currently, we have space for ten new members to move in to the house, and while we encourage new members to move in to allow everyone to spend quality time together, we do not require it.


Q: What is your policy on hazing?

A: Kappa Theta Psi follows the guidelines of Simpson College's policy on hazing, which is linked below. Every new member must sign a no-hazing contract before they can be recognized as a member.

Hazing Policy.docx


Kappa founding

Kappa Theta Psi was founded in the year 1902. This makes Kappa the oldest local fraternity on this side of the Mississippi river. For more on the history of our fraternity, please visit the history page.