Kappa Theta Psi

Kappa Theta Psi Alumni

This part of the site is a work in progress. Currently, the idea is to make a separate word document for each class year and post it on the site. Bios are welcome and you can send them to luke.kirchner@my.simpson.edu and I can add them to the document and re-post it. Bios can be any reasonable length and can outline what you did while at Kappa, your favorite Kappa memories, and what you are currently doing. If you have any other feedback, let me know.


Class of 2010.docx

Class of 2000-2009.docx

Class of 1990-1999.docx

Class of 1980-1989.docx

Class of 1960-1973.docx

Class of 1950-1959.docx

Class of 1940-1949.docx

Class of 1920-1939.docx

Class of 1902-1919.docx